The Ice Princess


A few years ago I decided to go out shooting…in a blizzard. I eventually ended up on the unplowed, dirt, backroads in Northeastern Ohio’s “Amish Country.” Luckily I had a 4-wheel drive and the only problem I had was keeping my hands warm.

I captured a few good landscape shots and was about to head home when I crested a small hill on the road and spotted a couple of Amish work horses in the field. I felt terrible that they had to endure the fierce wind, heavy snow, and ice in the open field with no shelter. I got out of my SUV, stumbled through the deep snow, while adjusting my camera settings for closeup shots of the horses. As soon as I took this photo, the horse turned and ran to the far side of the pasture.

I’ve recently made this fine art print available on my site, click here to view this image.

Ice Princess by SharaLee Art

Country Road Blizzard by SharaLee Art



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