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New Mandalas

Multi-Colored Mandela


I created this mandala in Corel Painter 2016 using the Texturewave brush in the Graphic Impact series.

First, I set up the Kaleidoscope tool using seven segments, which gave me a repeating template with 14 “arms.” Next, I chose my colors – pink as the main color and a reddish orange as the additional color. There was no need to change colors as the brush automatically changed colors for me. To begin, I started drawing at the center, working outwards using my imagination as I progressed. The great thing about the kaleidoscope feature is you only need to draw/paint one section and the software duplicates the rest.

I use a Wacom Cintiq 22HD and stylus for all of my digital art, which makes it much easier than trying to maneuver a mouse when drawing complex patterns and mandalas.

To view this mandala detail in a loupe, please click here.

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